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Under the Wings of Oblivion

mariposa roja
Under the Wings of Oblivion
Juan Comparán Arias
Under the Wings of Oblivion

The truth hides in the most unexpected places: in dreams.
In this new delivery, Erith has left Saha and Kedaon to their luck and she can't find a way to help them against the sentries of the Son of the one who cried. Altough Erith seems to be very close to finding the Ninth Sparkle, she does not want to know anything about it.
New and clear dreams are presented to her and are so real that Erith begins to doubt the reality in which she lives.
Master Xagah will help her travel through the world of dreams, but this time she will be facing alone the revelations that her dreams bring. Her challenge will be to remember and not to forget, but how?, if the truth hurts and hides cruel embers of memory; if Arkid is only the link to a past that hurts so much.
Now that the Red Butterfly of Pain is back, the true enemy will be revealed.