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The Ancestral Curse. Debts of love

Teza con la mariposa en la boca.
Juan Comparán Arias

All the inhabitants of Herbatra are reborn to fulfill different purposes in each lifetime: to cultivate their virtues and join the residents of The Great Tree. But their past lives full of betrayals and ambitions made some herbats acquire great debts due to the damage they caused to others, debts that must be payed with love in the rebirths of their souls.
Teza is a pregnant herbat who’s being chased by a dark past: an Ancestral Curse that follows her everywhere. The moons have predicted that her children will be born to help her solve her past conflicts, but an old, evil entity wants to stop that from happening at all cost. Teza doesn’t know it yet, but her children, Ilah and Xaih, are destined to transform the lives of thousands of beings.