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Quidea Legends. Endless compassion

Ilah retrato, Luna azul, papel kraft.
Juan Jose Comparan Arias

“Just as the earth cracks when it trembles, so the soul is shaken by its past when it awakens”.

Ilah believes that her dreams provoke the earthquakes that besiege her land; so do the inhabitants of the towns from which she and her family have fled. The rumors run faster than her feet. Supertition and intolerance haunt them wherever they go as the tremors increase. Among so many crevices an unexpected path will open up thanks to a new ally who solve problems in a non-conventional way and it will reveal to Ilah the existence of the pain of abandoned and captive souls who suffer in their darkness. Behind echoes hides the origin of the force that pursuits them. Other kinds of dreams await her at the end of that road; a revelation that will shake her more than any of the earthquakes that she has seen, since its origin is in the bowels of her past.